Dive into a mythical journey of beautiful West Crete …

We offer a Burgundian voyage of discovery in West Crete, the island of the oldest civilization in Europe, where the Western and Eastern cultures come together. Crete is a real terroir of Greece with its own cheeses, wines, olive oil and much more. Discover a very varied kitchen of more than 5000 years old products, recipes, customs and tradition. You go with a real Crete expert to enjoy a week of culinary and get to know the secrets of the delicious local cuisine.
To this day Crete still has old customs and a kitchen with wild plants and herbs that have been used for thousands of years.

Enjoying the Burgundian week: A journey of discovery through West Crete and local gastronomy. Every day is a new adventure. Experience the savoir vivre of the Cretans. It is the island of beautiful contrasts (city, villages, mountains, sea), the special hospitality, the good atmosphere and of course always good food. Together with the guide you will come to the pearls of Crete. A fully catered week in a breathtaking environment with a very varied program with for instance:

  • Organic wine tasting on an estate.
  • Cheese factory.
  • Distilling grapes from the eau de vie.
  • Taste local seasonal products, such as sheep cheese, olives, sweets from the farmer.
  • Visit an old olive oil factory. Olive harvest in November and December.
  • A challenging day with a bee-keeper.
  • Cooking lessons: Authentic recipes of the island, cooking and eating.

Program on request via our contact form.