Exclusive all round programs on Crete and the Cyclades islands. Discover and enjoy the wild landscape, culture, local products and recipies with a passionated guide. We offer a variety of programs:

There is nothing better than discovering an island on foot. Where the car can not come, the pearls can be found. To fully enjoy the landscape and taste the atmosphere of nature but also the villages, you have to stand still for a moment, look around and be jiggered by what you encounter on your path.  more …..

Why in Crete? The island lies between the three continents, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and there is a very strong spirit. It has already been inhabited ever since the Neolithic times, and flourishes in its art and culture through the ages. Minoan, Mycenae, (Dadalos: the first hollow bronze statue with the correct proportions), the Roman period, the Byzantium, and later the Cretan Renaissance, all found their inspiration in Crete and left their marks.  more …..


Dive into a mythical journey of beautiful West Crete … We offer a Burgundian voyage of discovery in West Crete, the island of the oldest civilization in Europe, where the Western and Eastern cultures come together. Crete is a real terroir of Greece with its own cheeses, wines, olive oil and much more. Discover a very varied kitchen of more than 5000 years old products, recipes, customs and tradition. You go with a real Crete expert to enjoy a week of culinary and get to know the secrets of the delicious local gastronomy. To this day Crete still has old customs and a kitchen with wild plants and herbs that have been used for thousands of years.  more …..